Time Main
8:30--8:50 Opening Remarks——by Francesco Nicotra and Yuyang Jiang
Plenary Lectures Chaired by Academician Lihe Zhang
8:50--9:30 Plenary lecture : RNA methylation in gene expression regulation By Chuan He
9:30--10:10 Plenary lecture : Using chemical approaches to reprogram epigenome and generate desired functional cells By Hongkui Deng
10:10--10:30 Coffee break
Plenary Lectures Chaired by Zhen Yang
10:30--11:10 Plenary lecture : Protein N phosphorylation: an underestimate area in biomedicine By Yufen Zhao
11:10--11:50 Plenary Lecture: Chemical biology of nucleic acids: DNA origami and artificial genetic switch by Hiroshi Sugiyama
11:50--12:30 Plenary lecture : Action of microtubule drugs in cancer and inflammatory disease By Tim Mitchison
12:30--13:30 Lunch
Parallel Session I Parallel Session II Parallel Session III
Session Chair: Lei Liu Session Chair: Peng Chen Session Chair: Chaoyong Yang
13:30--13:55 Ashraf Brik-Palladium in Protein Synthesis Peng Chen-Bioorthogonal protein activation in living systems Chaoyong Yang-Molecular Evolution for Liquid Biopsy
13:55--14:20 Xiang Zhou-Nucleic Acid Modifications: Chemical Analysis and Functional Studies Caiguang Yang-Anticancer therapy with small molecule inhibitors of FTO Michele Vittadello-Cytochrome c Oxidase Oxygen Reduction Reaction induced by Cytochrome c onto Nickel-Coordination Surfaces based on Graphene Oxide in Suspension
14:20--14:45 Christian Hackenberger-The power of chemoselectivity: Functional protein-conjugates for intra- and extracellular targeting Virinder S. Parmar-Natural Products Inspired Discovery and Development of Novel Antihypertensive, Antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory Agents Sangsu Bae-Genome editing using CRISPR
14:45--15:10 Xuechen Li-Protein Chemical Synthesis and Modification Huchen Zhou-Novel Boron-Containing Anticancer Agents Zhen Huang-Selenium Nucleic Acids for Structure and Function Studies
15:10--15:35 Lei Liu-Chemical synthesis of proteins using hydrazide-based methods Hang Yin-Development of Small-Molecule Drugs Targeting Toll-Like Receptors Peng Wu-Boosting the efficacy of cell-based cancer immunotherapy via a chemoenzymatic approach
15:35--15:55 Coffee Break
Session Chair: Xuechen Li Session Chair: Virinder S. Parmar Session Chair: Michele Vittadello
15:55--16:20 Jiangyun Wang-Metalloprotein design using genetic code expansion Raymond Moellering-Chemical Proteomic Platforms to Expose and Exploit Novel Metabolic Signals in Disease Xiaohong Fang-Protein Dynamics Monitoring and Proteasome Independent Knockdown: A Chemical Biology Approach
16:20--16:45 Steve Rokita-The Chemistry and Biology of a Reductive Dehalogenase Hao Huang-Sunitinib inhibits RNase L by stabilizing the active conformation and destabilizing dimers Zhihong Jiang-UHPLC-QTOF-MS Analysis of tRNA Modifications Specific for Drug-resistant Cancer Cells
16:45--17:00 Louis YP Luk-Site-specific C-terminal Peptide and Protein Conjugation by using Asparaginyl Endopeptidase (AEP) in a Chemo-Enzymatic Pathway Dan Bai-Novel Ir(III) and Pt(II) complexes as radiosensitizer and antiviral agents Shuhai Lin-Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics explores cancer vulnerability
17:00--17:15 Zhiqi Cong-Mechanism-based Design of a Unique P450 Peroxygenase System and Its Catalytic Applications Zhongwei Zhao-Iron and reactive oxygen species in oxidative stress and Alzheimer’s diseases Le Liu-Study of Optical Biosensors
17:15--17:30 Yongjuan Zhao-SARM1 activation in NAD/cADPR Signaling Qingle Zeng-Synthesis of some (chiral) organosulfur compounds Wei Jiang-Biomimetic Molecular Recognition in Water
17:30--17:45 Junfeng Zhao-Ynamide-Mediated Thioamide Substituted Peptide Synthesis Hui Mei-TNA Replication with Modified Nucleobases Peng Zou-Mapping spatial transcriptome with proximity RNA labeling
17:45--18:30 Poster Exhibition
Time Main
Parallel Session I Parallel Session II Parallel Session III
Session Chair: Christian Hackenberger Session Chair: Raymond Moellering Session Chair: Wei Jiang
8:30--8:55 Cristina Nativi-A Structurally Constrained and Immunogenic TnThr Antigen Mimetic Bengang Xing-NIR Fluorescent Paradigms for Optogenetic Cellular Manipulation and Precise Profiling of Pathological Dynamics Changlin Tian-Radical Detection and Catalyzed Chemical Reaction Mechanism Analysis in Biological System using Electron Spin Resonance
8:55--9:20 Xi Chen-Chemoenzymatic synthesis of glycosphingolipids and bacterial polysaccharide oligosaccharides Motonari Uesugi-Synthetic Small Molecule Tools for Cell Biology Laura Russo-Functionalization of Biomaterials: from diagnostic to tissue engineering applications
9:20--9:45 Mattieu Sollogoub-Cyclodextrins imitating Proteins Dan Yang-Novel Small-molecule-based Fluorescent Sensors for Molecular Detection and Imaging Peng George Wang-Chemoenzymatic Tools to “See” and “Fishing” Sugars in Cells
9:45--10:10 Junmin Quan-cGAS/STING pathway in antitumor immunity Martin Schnermann-Harnessing Cyanine Reactivity to Prepare Novel Fluorophores for Advanced Imaging Applications Xingyu Jiang-Microfluidics for synthesis and screening for chemistry and biology
10:10--10:30 Coffee Break
Session Chair: Junmin Quan Session Chair: Dan Yang Session Chair: Changlin Tian
10:30--10:55 Yanmei Li-Glycopeptide Vaccines for Cancer Immunotherapy Xiang Zhou-Nucleic Acid Modifications: Chemical Analysis and Functional Studies Yanyi Huang-Fluorogenic Error Correction Code Sequencing
10:55--11:20 Xinshan Ye-Carbohydrate-Based Anti-Cancer Vaccines Byeang Hyean Kim-Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Systems: Design, Construction, and Biosensing Zhou Nie-G-quadruplex-based Bioimaging
11:20--11:45 Yasuhiro Kajihara-N-Glycan on Proteins Kazuhiko Nakatani-Small Molecules targeting Repeat Sequences causing Neurological Disorders Yi Yang-Live Cell Imaging of RNAs using Fluorescent RNA tag
11:45--12:10 Yuzong Chen-Informatic Analysis of Traditional Medicines for New Drug Discovery Clues Jordan L. Meier-New Insights Into Acetylation & Oncometabolites from Chemoproteomics  Janez Plavec-G-rich DNA repeats and their exciting 3D NMR structures
12:10--13:30 Lunch
Session Chair: Yanmei Li Session Chair: Byeang Hyean Kim Session Chair: Yanyi Huang
13:30--13:45 Yi Jin-New metal fluoride transition state analog reveals molecular mechanism of ATP hydrolysis by the Zika virus NS3 helicase Xueqiang Wang-Tuning Anticancer Function of Small Molecule Drugs Through Aptamer Modification Tian Tian-Chemical Regulation of Functional Nucleic Acids
13:45--14:00 Wei Wang-Imaging gut microbiota by D-amino acid based in vivo metabolic labeling Hanyang Yu-Selection of Functional Xeno-Nucleic Acids and Application in Cancer Therapy Yuan He-Mechanistic studies on clinically important carbapenemases and their rapid detection using a label-free approach
14:00--14:15 Sandeep Kumar-Chemo-enzymatic route to novel bicyclic homo-nucleosides Tao Liu-Improving the Efficiency of Precise Genome Editing with Site-Specific Cas9-Oligonucleotide Conjugates
14:30--18:00 Poster Exhibition
Time Main
Plenary Lectures Chaired by Francesco Nicotra 
8:30--9:10 Plenary lecture : Nucleic acids chemistry under the molecular crowding By Naoki Sugimoto
9:10--9:50 Plenary lecture : Chemical synthesis of yeast designer chromosomes and the applications By Yingjin Yuan
9:50--10:10 Coffee Break
Plenary Lectures Chaired by Academician Yufen Zhao
10:10--10:50 Plenary lecture : A semi-synthetic organism that stores and retrieves increased genetic information By Floyd E. Romesberg
10:50--11:30 Plenary lecture : HYDROGEN BONDING-The dominant factor in enzyme catalysed phosphoryl transfer By George Michael Blackburn
11:30--12:00 Poster Award Presentation & Concluding Remarks by Zhen Xi
12:00-13:00 Lunch